Remedial students are required by The Florida Board of Nursing to complete 80 hours of classroom lecture and 96 hours of clinicals.

Individuals that have been unsuccessful at passing the NCLEX three times are required by the Florida Board of Nursing to complete 80 hours of lecture and 96 clinical hours.

After successful completion of this remedial course (both lecture and clinical), the student will be eligible to sit for the NCLEX, allowing three more attempts.

Clinical hours are held on weekends at local hospitals and the students have an opportunity for direct hands-on care. The clinical experience allows the student to implement the nursing practice, with the supervision of a Registered Nurse.


The Classroom Lecture (the required 80 hours) goes on at a continuous pace. In other words, you jump in to whichever module the class is currently at but will not end until you’ve completed all modules.

The Clinical portion (The required 96 hours) rotates in a clinical setting at our affiliated facilities. Clinical schedules will be announced on the first day of class along with the clinical requirements. Also, you will be provided with a Clinical Orientation that will cover all the necessary info needed to start and complete the 96 hours of clinicals. NOTE: The majority of clinical hours will be conducted during the weekend.

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